To the Praise of His Glory

imagesI recently came across a thought-provoking post about ministry. Our goal of ministry should be to glorify God, and this post brought things into clear perspective. “When ministry becomes performance, then the sanctuary becomes a theater, the congregation becomes an audience, worship becomes entertainment, and man’s applause and approval becomes the measure of our success. But when ministry is for the glory of God, His presence moves into the sanctuary.”

Local churches are multi-faceted ministries. As a music director, my mind immediately went to the music ministry, and I used this post to evaluate what a music program should be attempting to accomplish for the Lord.

“When music becomes performance” – our focus changes from praising God to praising self.

“The sanctuary becomes a theater” – our focus changes from that holy meeting place to a worldly venue.

“The congregation becomes an audience” – our focus changes from touching hearts to satisfying flesh.

“Worship becomes entertainment” – our focus changes from glorifying God to pleasing people.

“Man’s applause and approval become the measure of success” – at this point our focus is no longer “to the praise of His glory.” Man has become our standard.

Is our ministry (i.e. music) for the glory of God? Does it invite His presence into the sanctuary?

That we should be to the praise of his glory, who first trusted in Christ.  Ephesians 1:12




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