Beautiful in His Time

sunriseEcclesiastes 3:11, “He hath made everything beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.”

Last Wednesday, I literally hit “pause” for a few minutes of my life in order to enjoy the morning’s arrival at the Coast Guard Base in Yorktown where I work.

The sun was rising over the York River. The air was clear and warm. The protected deer that wander in from the Yorktown National Battlefield next door were busily munching grass, as they eat at sunrise and sundown. (I have learned that that means they are “crepuscular”).

The birds, oh my goodness, the birds. Seemingly silent all winter, they had set up a cacophony of sound all together as the new morning arrived. Every tree seemed to have a bird with a different cry. Lovely. I am sure there will be dozens of new nests on base by this time next week!

I wandered slowly and indirectly over to the gym for a swim before the “A” school class I help teach came in to play water polo before their morning classes.

Fact is, we have had four days of beauty in a row, every one better than the last. The week started out at 30 degrees when we ran in the National Battlefield on Monday morning. It got a lot nicer out by noon!

Now whether you believe that this fallen old world will eventually go away when King Jesus returns or whether you believe He will restore it to be even better than it was at Eden, then live forever with us here, we all have to admit that there is still immense beauty in God’s creation even thousands of years after the Fall.

I can’t even be ironic or snarky or silly when contemplating creation, the way I can be with some of the people who were created (usually because I know they appreciate that kind of humor!).

I stood there in flat out humiliation that a God as wonderful as He is has not only condescended to create me and redeem me, but He has also placed me in a world so filled with wonder that I can never comprehend it all.

I coo back at the birds; I talk to the deer and tell them how beautiful they are. I make a total and utter fool of myself enjoying the world God has placed here for us.

And, in the end, maybe that is one of the ways He uses to reach out to others through us. When we are dumbfounded at how wonderful He is and at how much He has done for us in creating this world, maybe the cynical, broken people around us can dare to believe He is real, too.

I pray so!



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