Family Unity

images21D5DZSIThe family that prays together stays together is more than a cliché!  Looking to the Word of God and praying with a spouse can bring unity and great blessing.  Why is this so?  The couple is inviting a third Person into the relationship Who can bring about godliness.  Giving God the opportunity to be in control by daily getting direction from His Word and agreeing to follow His Plan has immediate as well as eternal benefits.  The daily activity of coming together before God’s Word and sharing common concerns by bringing them to God gives the couple the opportunity to keep short accounts and ask God for help to bless daily activities.  Giving God first place in the home is imperative to harmonious living because the couple is submitting to a plan that God promises will bring peace and harmony between two sinners who are naturally antagonistic toward each other.  The couple learns to think like God does and will then do what He says.   This can be the ingredient to bring about unified goals and plans for God’s glory in the home which He has established.

Praying together and being willing to submit to God in every area of the relationship gives the greatest structure for harmonious living.  Recognizing the preeminence of Christ and allowing His Word to govern responsibilities in all the daily activities bring security and blessing that a couple who ignores God’s presence cannot have from the old nature preoccupations.   Can two walk together unless they be agreed?  (Amos 3:3)   This Truth can only be experienced if spouses are daily willing to submit to God’s plan. 


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