I Need to Obey

Paul-on-the-road-to-Damascus               Recently reading in the book of Acts, it struck me how Paul never stopped talking about his conversion.  It really didn’t matter to whom he was speaking, he always seemed to tell about what had happened to him the day God spoke to him and changed his life.  To him the message never got old.

               I noticed that he didn’t add to what happened to him.  He just told the same thing over and over.  And God used it.  In some instances, many were saved.  Other times, people left undecided.  Yet other times, it angered people.  But Paul didn’t worry about people’s reaction to his message.  He was just faithful in giving it.

               Oh that I would be that faithful.  That I would be “his witness unto all men of what (thou) hast seen and heard” (Acts. 22:15).  God will give me the power to do it, but I need to be faithful in giving that witness.  Nothing fancy, just testifying of how God changed me from an unforgiven sinner to someone who has been saved by His grace.

               But I need to obey.



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