How Does Your Garden Grow?


In previous devotionals I have used the question – “Have you ever wondered?” – to cause us to ponder on God’s creative genius. In this devotional, I’m adding the question – “How does your garden grow?” – to help us see an aspect of God’s intelligent design in the plant world. Genesis 3:11-12 tell us plants were created on the third day, and God saw that it was good. Before we get to “Have you ever wondered?” – first, let’s look at “How does your garden grow?”. In science, you learned that plants are different from any other living organism in the fact that they could produce their own food through the process of photosynthesis. God created them with certain cellular machinery that uses light energy to combine carbon dioxide and water which produces glucose. Plants are so efficient in making glucose that many of them store the glucose in the form of fruits and vegetables that we eat. One important part of the cell is the light absorbing green pigment called chlorophyll. So, that leads us to our other question – “Have you ever wondered?” Have you ever wondered why the top of a leaf is greener that the bottom? The cells in the top of the leaf have a greater concentration of chlorophyll in them. Chlorophyll is the light absorbing pigment that stores energy to fuel photosynthesis, and the top of the leaf is what gets the most contact to light. So, whether you are a flower gardener, a vegetable gardener, or a reluctant gardener that just mows the lawn and pulls weeds, look at your leaves and think of God’s great creation – it is good!


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