What Does It Mean to be a Real Man?


There are many different ideas of what people think about what it means to be a real man.  The world has a particular viewpoint, and Christians do not even agree on the matter.  We hear that real men do not do this or that or that real men have certain actions and have masculinity by a certain set of standards.  When it comes right down to the facts, it does not matter what people think about what it means to be a real man.  What really matters is what God, the Creator, says is a real man.

From God’s perspective real men come to God His way and have a personal close relationship with God through the Person and Work of Christ.  Real men are disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, Who manifests qualities and actions that are pleasing to God.

A real man cares about what God thinks first of all and then what his testimony is before others.  He needs to be above reproach, well-spoken of by his other believers, and noted for his honesty, fidelity, sincerity, and genuineness.

A real man is a good husband to his wife and a good father to his children.  He sees to it that he fulfills his role as an example, leader, provider, protector, organizer, teacher, and gentle in his dealings with each of them.

A real man is in touch with reality, alert to his own problems, weaknesses, condition of the world, his church, God’s will, and what God is doing.  He is accurate in his evaluations of himself, his family, his relationships in life, and what life is supposed to be from God’s perspective.

A real man keeps his heart with all diligence before God and others.  He is alert to other’s spiritual needs and is willing to witness to them and minister to them as God gives him opportunity.  He will be of sound mind and judgment.  He is capable of making wise decisions, not impulsive or impetuous.  He knows what he is doing, why, and how to accomplish tasks.  He is willing to listen to and learn from others.

A real man is concerned that his house, automobile, speech, work, social, devotional life, and actions manifest a certain good order and balance.   He has a genuine concern for people, meeting the needs of others, is not standoffish, snobbish, or insensitive in greeting and helping and speaking to others.

A real man is able to communicate the Truths from the Word of God to others in a clear and understandable manner.  He has a teachable spirit and is willing to learn from others as well as study on his own.  He desires spiritual growth for himself and others as God gives him the opportunity to minister to others.  He is a workman that is not ashamed because he can accurately minister the Scriptures.

A real man is not easily angered and is controlled in his responses to other’s actions.  He rules his spirit and is not easily provoked or provoking.  He is hesitant to engage in combat and delights in living above being offended (Psalm 119:165).

Only God can produce a real man with His working in and through each individual with all the challenges which are normal in life as God has given them.  He is a growing productive individual giving God all the credit for any successes he may have.


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