How to Live the Christian Life

Let's Talk Following Instructions 

If you want to change the alternator in your car, you can go online and watch a Youtube video explaining how to do it.  If you want to make a key lime pie, you can quickly snag a recipe from Pinterest.  If you want to learn the Belarusian language, you can go get a simple book on this subject for dummies.  We are familiar with going to a source for answers to learn how to do things.  Why do we approach the Christian life without going to the Source of instructions?  While the Bible should not be considered simplistic or trendy, the Bible’s instruction on how to live the Christian life is easy to understand and relevant to everybody of all times in all places.  

Many Bible passages give a simple explanation of the basics of the Christian life.  Hebrews 12 gives one such explanation by giving a list of instructions.  These instructions could be grouped as three things that form the basics of the Christian life:

1.     Keep a right focus!

2.     Reject the wrong things!

3.     Embrace the right things! 

What should we focus on? 

Verse one says that we should focus on the examples of those who have lived by faith.  Are you reading the Word of God daily to learn from the examples of Noah, Moses, Deborah, or David?  We don’t focus on their examples if we never read about them and meditate on the Bible.  A second focus is found in verse one.  We should focus on “running with patience the race that is set before us.”  This means that we are to live our Christian life focused on God’s plan for our lives.  Do you go through life with eternity’s values in mind?  A third focus and most important focus is that we are to look “unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.”  We are told in verse three to “Consider Him.”  Have you ever looked to Christ for salvation?  Do you focus on Him throughout each day?  Do you praise Him and speak of Him and talk to Him?  Do you do right simply for the right reason—that you are focused on Christ?

What should we reject? 

Verse one says to lay “aside every weight and the sin which doth so easily beset us?”  Verse four encourages us to resist sin and fight against it.  Do you get rid of sin?  Do you get rid of weights that distract you from running your race? Verses 15-16 give some specific sins to lay aside.  These verses tell us to not be bitter against others nor should we be immoral. 

What should we embrace? 

Verses 5-11 say that we should embrace discipline gratefully.  Do you respond correctly to things God does to get your attention?  Are you grateful for the conviction of the Spirit of God?  Do you repent when you realize you backslid even a small amount?  Also, we should embrace Godliness.  Verses 12-14 say that we should follow peace and holiness.  According to these verses, if you are not seeing people come to know the Lord, it might be because no man sees the Lord in your life. 

What are the instructions here for living the Christian life?  Keep a right focus!  Reject sins and weights!  Embrace God’s correction and peace and holiness! 


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