It Changed Me!


The first week in October marks five years ago that I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The details, explanations, surgeries, course of treatment, and much more followed that initial diagnosis.  It was not until about nine months later that I was cleared except for monitoring from my breast surgeon and oncologist which continues even today.

The news was scary!  How could this be happening to me?  It had happened to many others—but not me!  I remember lying awake in the dark of night praying and thinking and crying and imagining what was going to happen to me, my husband, and my family.  Would this change my life forever?

The news of breast cancer and the experience of all that it entailed were overwhelming.  The waiting—for test results, decisions about surgeries, treatment options, doctors to call with information—was horrible!  I could not have imagined it except that I experienced it.

And it did change my life forever!  It changed the way I cling to God’s promises.  It changed the way I view life and those I love.  It changed the way I sympathize and empathize with others that take this journey.  It changed the way I pray for others diagnosed with cancer.  It changed my view of God’s faithfulness.  It changed my desire to share very personal details with others when it might help them. 

It changed me—and today, I can say, I am thankful for the experience. I am thankful for a godly husband who never lost sight of the fact that God makes no mistakes.  I am thankful for our three daughters who were by my side each step of the way.  I am thankful for a church family and many friends around the world who prayed for me and helped out in many ways.  I’m thankful for a faithful God who sees us through unbelievable situations!

Five years—I can only think of the following song:

God is so good; God is so good;

God is so good, He’s so good to me!


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