Visit to a Courtroom


In 2010, I had the opportunity to interview a judge in the large, historic courtroom of the courthouse in Plymouth, IN. I talked with the judge about the decorations in that room. He said that they ended up removing the large listing of the 10 Commandments when they added or remodeled the balcony. I was sorry to hear that, but at least it happened for a reason and not blatantly that some were just trying to get rid of it.

We discussed the arm of Lady Justice holding her balance pictured on the ceiling of that large room.

He told me about the large painting of Solomon and the two women. It portrayed the story of “divide the child.” Solomon is wearing his crown while sitting on his throne. A court guard is holding the live child up-side down by one of his ankles. The other child lay lifeless between the two mothers. One mother had her head turned away from the king looking down toward her deceased child while the other is looking at the face of the king with her hands raised up as she pleads with him for the life of her child.

I am surprised that a secular courtroom would have such a huge, biblical portrait on the wall in this day and age, but I am glad that it was there when I visited that room six years ago.

It would be an encouragement to see this image in a courtroom where one would be at the mercy of a random judge. I would hope that it would make it more likely that a godly or righteous decision would be brought forth from the bench in that courtroom.

May our courts, our judges, and our government be drawn back to godliness, righteousness, and a biblical foundation.



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