Lost Pup, Found!


Matthew 18:11-14

Reward! $500.00!  So read the little signs put up all over town, in shop windows, on poles, even left at bus stops.  The signs sought to locate the master’s beloved little pup.  Reward, $500.00 for anyone who could find the pup that had dug himself out of his master’s yard.

It seems $500.00 was quite a thing in this little town, there were many folks out looking for the lost pup.  Just an ordinary little pup, not even an AKC.  But he was a little dog greatly beloved by his master!  The master’s heart was grieving and sorrowing for the little lost thing.

Yes, $500.00 is a great sum, but remember the sum paid by the “Master”! His own beloved Son given that we (the lost), might be found and saved!  That very “Son,” which gave His life, a ransom for the lost, is the very “One” seeking us!  (Luke 19:10)

In the end, the “little pup” was found and his master greatly rejoiced!  That leaves you!  Has the “Master” found you?  Have you answered His call, seeking to find you!  Our Lord God is not willing that even one of these little ones should perish (Matt. 18:14).

If you haven’t been found …… call on Him today!


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