Down to the Dust


The Lord has provided hundreds of places for us to stay in our evangelistic trips for the past 27 summers, some of them were very rustic, very hot, or very cold, and some of them were luxurious.

In 2013, the Lord allowed us to stay for a week in a beautiful Victorian bed and breakfast in Campbellsburg, IN.  We were the only guests there.  The church was very gracious to us in our accommodations.  I must have taken about 250 pictures of our beautiful house.  I still have a bar of soap on my dresser that I received in that bed and breakfast.  The drawing on the soap label is much like the design of that house.  I look at it every day and remind myself that my God allowed us to stay in that beautiful place.  

I took pictures in the morning sunlight from the east and made a special trip just before sunset to photograph it in the late evening sun.  I took pictures of the front, of the sides, of the windows, and of the gingerbread.  I took pictures inside and outside.  I took many pictures of the tower and the lightning rod at the top of the conical roof of the tower.  As an astronomy and earth science teacher, I took several pictures of the moon in the sky just beside the decorative lightning rod.

I came to the conclusion that everything about that house was decorative right down to the little details.  Even the “inside” of the copper door hinges were ornately designed with a delicate flare!

I have always been impressed with God’s great concern about details.  The first week of devotions that I led for the faculty of my current school (28 years ago) was a series of Bible lessons about “dust.”  I found that God was concerned about details even down to the dust!  

On Mt. Carmel, fire fell from heaven and consumed every part of Elijah’s sacrifice and altar, even the dust.  It also licked up the water that was in the trench.

In Daniel’s story about the three Hebrew children in the fiery furnace, God tells us that these three men came out of the furnace alive and did not even smell of smoke!

Yes, our God is concerned about little details.  Someone took the time and expense to see to it that even the hinges in that beautiful house were a sight to behold, but our God is even more concerned about details in our lives.  

Twenty-seven years ago some folks laughed when a child called out a prayer request, “Pray for my boo-boo.”  That child held up a finger with a band aid around it.  Others thought it was a juvenile request, but the God of Daniel is concerned even about a little cut on a child’s finger.

We should find comfort in the fact that the God of the Bible pays attention to even the little details of our life and our needs.

Attached:  This is a picture of the fine detail of the “interior” of the hinges in that Victorian house.  Usually this part of the hinge is completely hidden from view, but the builder made sure it was ornate anyway.



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