Adopting Doughnuts


As I travel the continent with my wife and four daughters in evangelism, I have often stopped at a doughnut store to find something sweet for my family to enjoy.  I usually went in by myself and brought back a box of “surprises” for my five ladies.  I would go in and adopt twelve doughnuts.  Sometimes a baker would let me have a baker’s dozen of their doughnut – they are the real bakers!  

I never adopt coconut doughnuts.  When I use this as an object lessons in my preaching, I tell the folks, “When you go to the bakery, you can do what you want to do, but I never adopt coconut doughnuts.”  I adopt glazed doughnuts and double chocolate doughnuts.  Then I adopt a few doughnuts that I know others like; and, in the end, I usually adopt a few more double chocolate doughnuts.  Everybody ought to love a double chocolate doughnut!

I tell the church folks about adopting these sweet pastries, and then I make the application to the fact that as a Christian one is not just born into God’s family, but we are blood relatives due to the cleansing blood of the Lord Jesus.  In addition, we are adopted into His family.  When I go into the bakery, I can choose to adopt any kind of doughnut I want.  The pastries become mine, because I chose them and paid a price great enough to buy them.  (When I started this, I could get a dozen doughnuts for $2.00!)  

I like the fact that an adopted child is one that was chosen out of all the children.  The parents picked that child because they wanted him.  I like that!

I like to adopt doughnuts, and I like the fact that in addition to being born into God’s family, I was chosen by Him to be His adopted son.


Above:  Here is a picture from 2008 of a pastor at the front of his church in Omaha, AR, giving our family a gift of a dozen doughnuts, a day or two after I used this illustration.  It so happens that this pastor had a night-time job of delivering hundreds of doughnuts to various stores in the area.




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