Remember the old, grey head . . . and thy Creator!


Psalm 100

Each morning the old man would sit in his garden.  While patting his old dog, the old man’s thoughts would run to his children and of how he missed them so that his heart was pained.  He would lift them each, by name, unto his Heavenly Father to bless and keep them from sin.

Each day, he would check the mail for just some small note from them.  He would get excited as the phone would ring, hoping to hear their voice.  Always on his mind and lovingly in his heart, he would think of them.

How like our Heavenly father, who always has our best interest in mind, always desiring to hear our voice in prayer.  Our Lord God desires to commune with us.  While it pleases God for us to pray, it is truly for our benefit that we do so.  We have a “Father” in Heaven that loves us so!

Today and everyday …. Remember your Heavenly Father!  He is waiting to hear from you (Eccl.12:1)!



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