God Is Good All the Time!


God is good all the time…

            On January 15 of this year, our Pastor and his wife were on a trip to the Holy Land, and as is most of the time when my Pastor is gone, I had the opportunity to preach that Sunday since I am the assistant.  I preached that morning, went home, ate lunch with my family, and headed back to the office to study as I always do.  I am a creature of habit and do the same thing the same way as much as I can so as to perfect things and not mess up.  I got a call a little after 4:00 pm that Sunday afternoon that would disrupt not only my day but my life. 

God is good all the time…      

            A few hours prior my brother, unknowing to our family, had been tragically taken from this world at the age of 21.  He was found dead by his landlord because a presumed robbery at his home that afternoon.  The gentleman called and informed my father, and, in return, my Dad called my brothers and me.  See, that day was changed; the plans I had for that week were changed, but you know what?  The past could not be changed.  The memories I had shared with my brother and the good times would always be in my heart but also the regret for the times I should have called or texted and let him know I loved him also would remain in my heart.

God is good all the time…      

            There are three areas to God’s will – His sovereign will, His moral will and the individual will He has for each of us.  God tells us in His Word that there are some events in the past that had to happen, and there are some events in the future that will happen, and this is part of God’s sovereign will.  He also has a plan, or moral will, that all would be saved and follow Him in His way, but this may not happen.  Then we each have a direction in life that God has for us, but it is our choice if we do His individual will for our lives.   

God is good all the time…      

            It was God’s sovereign will that His Son would come and die for us, and He did die, and one day He will return for us (Matt. 1:20-21; I Thes. 4:16-18).  It was God’s moral will that my brother would be saved.  He made a profession of faith as a child (John 3:16).  It was never part of God’s individual will though for my brother to take the route he did in his life and get involved in things that would hurt him and those around him (II Tim. 2:20-22).  See, God is a just God, and He has given us a free will to make our choices, and we all do (Prov. 3).  The consequences stemming from those choices are not ours to make (Isaiah 59:1-2).  Although my brother is gone, our family rests assured in God’s perfect will, and this is how we are able to get through this situation.            

God is good all the time…      

            I know you may say that this is more of a snippet of someone’s life rather than a devotion, but, in reality, it is all of our lives.  Sometimes, we are busy and happy, but when life turns on a dime, we are devastated (John 11:21).  Sometimes there are have consequences that catch up to us from past decisions that are not pleasant (II Sam 12).  Sometimes God stops us in our tracks to make us realize He is in control, and we need to make sure our lives are right in all areas (Matt. 14:25-33).  God is good all the time, in the seemingly good and bad in our lives, and we need to grow our faith in Him till we believe it.  I may have lost a brother on January 15, 2017, but the funeral was paid for completely by the generous hearts of God’s saints.  We got complete assurance through letters and testimonies that my brother knew Christ as his Savior and eleven souls have joined the family of God since his death because of this.  Some would still call it a tragedy, but, in reality, God brought beauty from ashes; and we trust our Lord is in control. He is always good!                    


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