The Missionary’s Mission

What is a missionary’s mission?  To share the transforming power of the gospel with people who have yet to experience it!  What better way to do that than to share how the gospel transformed my life?  It has been 28 years since the truth of the gospel and what Christ did for ME arrested my heart.  Even as a child, I realized that there was nothing I could do to save myself.  The beauty of the gospel is that the work of redemption has already been finished for us through the exchange of our sins for the robes of our Lord’s righteousness.  He took our penalty and offers us eternal life!  Today I am thankful for that wonderful exchange that happened in my young heart, and I am so thankful for the calling on my life to share the power and truth of the gospel with others wherever I meet them.  Have you experienced this wonderful exchange?  If not, I would love to introduce you to my Savior.  If so, who have you shared your exchange with today?



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