Anxiety and God’s Provision

Many people are anxious about many aspects of their lives.  God has provided a Biblical solution for His children not to be focused on the circumstances which bring about the confusing feelings related to anxiety.  “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33).  God’s provisions are the best answer for the challenges life presents to each one of us.  He provides an adequate solution for anxiety.

Instead of giving our time to worrying about the many challenges in life, we need to put our efforts into seeking what matters more than anything else.  The will of God should be our focus which includes following His commands.  If we would spend more time seeking the will of God for our path in life, we would have less time for being anxious.

We are members of God’s family, and we need to honor Him.  If we will spend our energies in yielding to Him, we will not be anxious about trying to make things happen ourselves.  His provisions for His family are sufficient to meet our needs.  Enjoying His provisions in giving His children eternal life, inward peace, and joy will reflect God in our lives.  Those around God’s child should want the God they see manifested in the life of the Believer as He enjoys his position in God’s family.

What comes first in our lives reflects our priorities.  If worry comes first, the seeking will not be accomplished and will take away from His being shown forth through our lives.  Spiritual concerns must come first if we are to have our priorities correct.  Getting our priorities in the right order will stop our being anxious about the circumstances of life.

The rewards for seeking Him first in the life will result in supplying all the needs over which we are anxious.  Being anxious will not supply the needs we have.  Seeking first God’s will and plan will meet the exact provision for each challenge.

This is a great promise and few will experience the fulfillment.  Rather than spending your time stewing over the challenges of life, be a believer who will seek to yield to His will and have your spiritual, physical, and material needs filled through Him in His ways.


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