The Strength to Believe

This weekend our pastor preached about our tendency to not believe when God brings things into our life that we would prefer He leave out.

He challenged us to view everything God brings our way as an expression of His sovereignty and of His design for our lives, as He makes them to be lives that bring glory to Him and purpose (and ultimate happiness) to us.

My husband and I had been at a memorial service the previous day that exemplified what Pastor was saying. 

A man had died of a massive heart attack at 56—his wife and two college age children were eulogizing him.  His wife said that she saw thirty-something years of sheer joy with her beloved mate, and she could have no regrets.  She shared about his integrity with everyone and his special love for her and their children.  She summed up her husband’s life of service very well, along with the joy it brought to many people, not just the four of them.

What we could all see radiating from her were peace and joy, without a drop of self-pity, without a tendency to question God over why her husband died so young.

She was and is a walking miracle and a reminder to all of us that God’s grace is big enough to get us through even tragedies such as this. 

I thank God for teaching us through each other in His family.


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