The Culmination

The culmination was Memorial Day Monday!

As a parent, you train, teach, guide, and lead your children in ways for them to find God’s will.  What a blessing when our fourteen year old middle daughter returned from summer camp and said God had called her to Missions!  We helped and encouraged her to visit mission fields from then until the time she settled on the part of the world in which God wanted her to minister.  That involved taking her to mission fields on family vacations, planning mission trips for our youth group of which she was a part, encouraging her to visit fields on her own that in which she had an interest, and never being negative about her calling.

People have asked, “Won’t you miss her?”

“Terribly!” Is always my answer.

“What will you do?”

“I’ll get on a plane and go see her!”

Hindering or stopping my child from doing God’s will is not a choice for me.  So last Monday, we took her to the airport, and (with a very sweet farewell from many church members) she left for England on a one-way ticket.  Heart-wrenching!  But remember, God only loans us our children for a short time to train, and then we are to send them out as godly disciples to do His will.

So that day was the culmination for us!

To God be the glory, great things He hath done!


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