Vladimir’s Homing Pigeons

God’s Word tells us that we are not prone to seek God.  God is the one Who seeks us out.  Forty-five years ago I heard an illustration of a young Chinese boy.  Someone asked him how long it had been since he found Christ as his Saviour.  The boy responded, “Me no find Christ.  Christ find me.”  How true it is that we all have sinned.  We all have gone our own way, and it is the loving Saviour who chooses to seek us out like the Shepherd of the one hundred sheep in the Gospel of Luke.

Twice last summer our family had the privilege to be guests in the home of Vladimir, our friend from Siberia.  He lives in New England and showed us his homing pigeons in his side yard.  We were invited into the pigeon and quail house.  We were able to see them in the coop and the pigeons flying in circles as a flock over the yard.  

These birds are free to leave, yet they keep coming back to Vladimir.  There is nothing restraining them from taking off never to return.  They choose to return to their owner and willingly submit to being put back into the coop every afternoon.

Of course, when Vladimir takes one or more of them to a distant location and releases them, they fly over head, circle a few times and then make a bee-line for home.

Oh, that sinners would want to be close to the Saviour.  It is sad that many times Christians choose to stray from the Lord and do not desire to be in the presence of their loving Lord.  As Christians we can learn a lesson from Vladimir’s homing pigeons who willingly submit to him every day.


Attached picture:  Three of Vladimir’s many homing pigeons 


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