God’s Plan in Our Trials

Believers are not immune to the challenges of life.  Our loving God allows us to go through many hard tests and trials.  Disease, injury, loss of loved ones, financial reversals, and fear are among the many common events in many individuals lives.  We know that God works all these things together for good for the believer as he is a part of God’s family (Romans 8:28). God has His purposes for each event that comes our way.

God wants us to grow more and more into the image of Christ (Romans 8:29). This is part of God’s process of sanctification.  James 1:1-13 shows us how God works through our trials.  We need to focus on the good that He can do.  We also can rest in the comfort He brings through them.

When challenging times come into our lives and we find that we are unable to comprehend fully, the enemy is quick to have us question what is happening.  We may be tempted to question God’s goodness and wisdom.  Sometimes we will get angry and bitter and wonder if God really understands.  God’s Word confidently reminds us that He does understand.  Events do not just happen to the believer without any purpose from God.

God is in control, and even the most difficult of circumstances cannot separate us from His love. We are reminded in the book of James that God wants us to trust Him through the trial and let Him use it to mature us into His image which was marred starting with the rebellion of Adam and Eve.

When our thinking does not line up with His, we are the ones who need to change.  God’s will for us is to trust Him, keep our eyes on Him, and see how He will use these trials for His glory.  God can give us wisdom, understanding, and help us to focus on Him to learn the most as we go through these trials for His glory.



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