Resist Temptation!

     The story is told that Queen Victoria of England was in need of a new and experienced coachman to drive her carriage.

     Word was spread, and on the appointed day several men met to apply for the position.

     The Queen’s secretary met with the men to seek their qualifications.  He asked each man in turn, just how close to the edge of a cliff he could lead the Queen’s team and carriage.  Each man in turn made his reply.  One boasted he could come within a foot of the ledge, another six inches and so forth.  Finally the last driver, who had remained silent, was asked.  He replied, “With such a precious passenger in my carriage, it would be my duty to see how far away I could keep my Queen from danger, not how close I may come.”  Needless to say he became the Queen’s coachman!

     How like ourselves!  We play with sin, seeing just how close we may come instead of working to remain far from sin, even its very appearance.

     The Lord delights in those who keep His commandments ….. not those who see how close they can come to the edge!

     Pray the Lord will give us the strength to overcome temptation!

     I Corinthians 10:13 tells us not only will He not allow us to be tempted above that which we are able, but will also provide and escape for us!  What a wonderful, loving God!




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